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Online Forms

Forms are one of the most basic parts of any application. With Netigma, you can define various forms for any data management issue required by your business processes. Moreover, easily with drag-and-drop, and only in minutes.


Regardless of which business process a software manages, it is always critical to see the output of that process. With Netigma, you can design your own reports, and you can easily access your data through them. With the help of these reports, you can monitor the performance of the processes or you can confidently make the most critical decisions.


Netigma supports spatial data. By this way, applications you develop with Netigma offer map-based querying and visualization capabilities. Any online map can be your base map. Moreover, you can even make spatial data associations.

Scheduled Task

With Netigma, it is possible to perform tasks at specific times automatically which saves users from doing those tasks manually.


Companies manage their processes within defined workflows. Therefore, their software platforms should also support them. Netigma provides a visual interface to define your workflows and enables applications to work with them.

API-SDK Support

Though Netigma supports many features that may be necessitated in a software, the applications developed with Netigma may also require to be customized from time to time for the needs of the organization. Netigma API and SDK have been developed to meet these requirements and enable the application to run customized software codes. In short, what you can do with Netigma is limited with your imagination.


In order to make effective decisions, it is important to access the data quickly. Visualization of the data also provides great convenience in the analysis. Netigma users can easily design their dashboards according to their own needs, access the data through those dashboards and experience the convenience of making their decisions in confidence.

Audit - Trail

Information such as when and by whom the database records are entered and how they are updated can be very crucial within the concept of "audit-trail" and it is considered mandatory by many regulations. Netigma logs all such transactions and enables users report them when requested.

Auto Documentation

One of the most problematic issues of software development processes is to produce the documents of the software and to keep them up to date. To be honest, it's a pretty boring thing. Netigma is saving you from this trouble and can automatically produce the necessary documents for you.

Notification Services

Software solutions send messages to inform / warn users on the processes they manage. So, users do not have to perform manual controls and things are prevented from being forgotten. In this context, Netigma has its Notifications Services too and can send e-mails and text messages using defined templates at various stages.

User Management

Netigma theoretically supports an infinite number of users. With Netigma, you can define as many users as you want and assign their privileges according to their roles within the company.


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