Completely different application
development experience.

Low Cost

Developing applications with Netigma provides significant cost advantages to your company in every sense. Due to the fact that even users working in business units can develop applications very quickly with Netigma, the required workforce and cost of software development will reduce. Furthermore, the developers are quite expensive human resources and it is very difficult to find a good software developer. Because a significant portion of the application modules can be developed without writing code with Netigma,  the software developers, can be assigned to more complex problems. 

Development Speed

Developing your applications with Netigma is much faster than any conventional software development methodologies. With traditional methods, going live can takes weeks and even months. But, if you are a Netigma user, you can begin to use your applications in days.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of applications developed with Netigma is also quite easy. Thanks to Netigma's superior capabilities, not only change requirements resulting from business processes, but also actions to be taken for eliminating the errors can be quickly completed.

Decrease in Qualified Developer Need

The key actors in software development are the developers. On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of qualified software developers all over the world and it is foreseen that this gap will grow. This leads to an increase in costs of software development. Another important problem is that developers frequently change their jobs. But leaving the job after getting all sectoral know-how leaves the companies in a difficult situation.  So, dependency on  developers is always very risky for them. Because citizen users are able to develop applications with Netigma, both software development costs and the dependency on developers will reduce.

Increase in Collaboration between Business Units and in Efficiency

Netigma is not only used by IT or software departments, but rather by business units. In fact, technical departments have to be in charge only for solving complex problems. Both business and technical units can work in parallel for the same business needs with Netigma. This cooperation will significantly increase the efficiency.

Easier Change Management and Increase in Enterprise Agility

With Netigma, the software requirements of changing business needs can be met much faster and companies will be able to be  much more agile. By this way, they will have the opportunity to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Better Customer Experience

Netigma will allow companies to save a great deal of time spent on traditional software development methods. In this way, they can focus more on what they need to deal with, namely their customers. This will give companies an important opportunity to provide a much better customer experience.

Faster Digital Transformation

Nowadays,  the digital transformation is one of most popular topics. It is hardly possible to survive for the companies that cannot transform fast enough. Thanks to the digital transformation, it is possible to accelerate and control the processes. In addition, automating processes (if possible, of course) will provide significant time and productivity gains. Since digital transformation cannot be possible without software, the development speed of software will be directly decisive on digital transformation. In this sense, thanks to Netigma, you will be able to develop your applications much faster and accelerate the digital transformation process too. In summary, you will be able to work much more efficiently.

Being up to Date

While software development methods are improving rapidly, following trends and new technologies may not be possible, especially when considering the current workloads. Netigma is constantly updated to support the innovations introduced by new technologies. In this way, the software infrastructure of your company stays up to date, always.

Less Bugs in Software

Netigma is a low code platform that has successfully passed all tests and has been used in hundreds of projects. Therefore, there is a very low probability of encountering errors in applications developed with Netigma. If applications are error-free, then business processes execute without any interrupt and also the technical personels do not have to spend time to resolve the errors.

Continous Innovation

With Netigma, it is possible to meet the software needs of business units more quickly than the traditional methods, that has companies work more agile. This type of vision change in company cultures will make employees more open to change and innovation and will increase their motivation in this sense. In the end, business ideas that could not be implemented before will be probably re-evaluated.

Minimizing Shadow IT Risks

Due to the excessive load on IT and software development departments, companies can sometimes prefer third party solutions or paliative methods. However, such solutions can cause many problems, such as stretching in-house IT policies, creating a variety of security gaps, disrupting backup and maintenance processes etc. Because developing business applications with Netigma requires minimum workload,  it will facilitate the work of IT and software development teams. Therefore, it will contribute to the elimination of "Shadow IT" needs and related risks.