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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Since NETIGMA comes with assistant applications such as Authentication Server, Log Server and Scheduler Server and Parameter Server, it meets fundamental requirements of a web application.

Moreover, simultaneously Netigma services can be used by other services.

*For example, suppose there is an application that requires authentication, and even that application isnot part of Netigma Software, it can be used with NETIGMA thanks to Authenticaiton Server. IT units can take advantage of managing all authorization processes from one interface.

Similarly, the other assistant application can be used e.q. Log Server for transaction logs, Parameter Server for application parameter configuration and Scheduler Server for scheduled tasks etc.

NETIGMA  is a web-based application developed with Microsoft .NET. The server runs on MS Windows. NETIGMA Works with all modern clients such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.***

NETIGMA ’s ready infrastructure offers integration with all software including Geographic Information Systems, any map client can be accessed through NETIGMA query results.

NETIGMA can report geospatial data and object information to clients, thus related map view can be accessed using Javascript language. Depending on the programming skills, custom editors can be created for Netigma or ready-made editors can be used.

NETIGMA  application written natively in C# programming language, developers can use one of the .Net languages to develop NETIGMA.

Also Javascript code can be embedded inside report design tool to customize reports.

Applications written on other platforms can communicate and exchange data with NETIGMA via web services.

Netigma has two types of licencing;

a. Developer Licence: This licence is needed to develop Project using NETIGMA.

b. Runtime Licence: This licence is used on the servers that NETIGMA run. Each server licenced individually.

You can find short how-to videos on NETIGMA ’sYoutube channel.

Documentation about NETIGMA  can be found onPortal page http://portal.netcad.com.tr/display/EN/Netigma+Help